July 30th, 2016


Due to the overwhelming evidence of police all over the country brutally murdering unarmed black people, the police no longer deserves the right to use deadly force.

Every US citizen deserves the right to decide the requirements necessary for police officers to serve and protect our communities. Since the black communities in this country is not being served or protected, it is up to us to reform all US police departments to save future black lives that don't seem to matter to majority of the population.

Here are the facts compiled by the Bureau of Justice Statics:

Fact #1 - Black people are 3X's more likely to be killed by police than white people.

Fact #2 - 98% of all police involved with killing an unarmed Black person were never charged. Deemed a justifiable use of force.

Fact #3 - In the first 6 months of 2016, 491 Black people have been killed by police.

Fact #4 - White people are 85% more aggressive with police officers.

Fact#5 - Black people are 3X's more likely to be searched when stopped by police.

How exactly are these facts suppose fill me with trust and respect for police officers, when the numbers show they have no trust or respect for our Black lives? As long as there is no consequence for taking Black lives, the murders of innocent american citizens, who also happen to be Black, will continue to die at the hands of racist cowards with the law on their side.

- Melody Angel