-I am melody Angel-


My mother named me Melody Angel and the rest is history...

Nina Simone said something in the 60s, that resonated with me so much that it changed the course of my life forever. She showed me that singing my truth could help free and inspire my people. One voice could change the world!

Nina Simone said, " I chose to reflect the times and situations in which I find myself. That to me is my duty."

Melody Angel is not a stage name, its the name on my birth certificate. I was born and raised on the south-side of Chicago. I started singing at 7 yrs old, and when I was 13 my mama bought me, my first guitar from the local pawn shop. I dedicated my every day and night to teaching myself to play. Once I learned 5 Jimi Hendrix song's I put my first band together and I never looked back. I played mostly covers until I found the courage to say what was really on my heart. I've recently released my first EP, "In This America". I've recently played the Chicago Blues Festival, Buddy Guy's Legends, and Antone's in Austin TX.

Growing up in Chicago is really hard on a young black kid. I had to deal with so much injustice and flat out racism, that I thought that was all the world would ever show me. Music saved me from that hopeless reality, and took me all over the world! The truth of my history, and my present circumstance empowers me to walk this earth with my head held high, because I know survival is in my blood. Knowledge is my power and I want to feed that knowledge to my community, the only way I know how, and that's with a microphone at my lips and a Fender Strat in my hand.